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Here's How I Went From Overwhelmed, Burnt Out (& Let's Be Honest, Disappointed) In My Business & Creative Projects, To Relaxed, Inspired & Abundant With Weekly Energy Upgrades.

Before I started receiving weekly Energy Upgrade sessions - I was struggling with working too much, getting overwhelmed and disappointed by what I hadn't acheived yet creatively or in my business, and dealing with unexplained aches and pains in my body for years... and I was on the verge of breaking down.

I had tried going to therapy, doing yoga, keeping an intense exercise class schedule (to make up for my lack of quality mental health care when traditional therapy wasn't working for me...), journaling my feelings, listening to business podcasts for advice and more...

And all I wanted to see was at least some relief from the constant pressure in my head to have everything figured out by now and not feel so behind...I wanted life, writing & business to feel fun again and like I was actually building a life of freedom instead of the grind that my mom and dad went through.

But literally none of the practices I tried solved this feeling that I should be further along in my business and in my creative endeavors (I'm also a singer/songwriter & autobiographical solo show writer/performer.)

Which led me to finally taking an acquaintance up on her long-held offer of sharing a healing modality she used with me...and eventually led me to a rare, little known form of energy healing that allowed me to break free from the thoughts, belief systems and habits that had been holding me back for years (and helped me learn how to truly rest and restore myself as I continue to create a life I love!).

And after several years of receiving this form of energy healing myself, learning it, practicing it, and building a business using it with 1:1 clients in person & online....

I've FINALLY created an online membership that is perfectly designed for women in business who are also writers!

It helps them have a weekly space to relax, process the stuck energy, emotions and thoughts that lead to overwhelm, and feel refreshed, inspired and ready to make boldly aligned choices in their business, life and creative work. (And all of this happens from the comfort of their home!)

Now, for a limited time only, you have the opportunity to join my online, private healing container, with weekly Energy Upgrade sessions for a VERY reduced price

And experience the magic for yourself.

The INNATE CREATOR Weekly Energy Upgrade Club is something completely different from everything else you've ever seen, because…

  • Our Energy Upgrade sessions don't make you have to do all the work alone. Endless journaling and constant "neural reprogramming" digging into your childhood trauma are NOT on the menu here!  
  • They don’t focus on trying to "hack" your way to success or make you The Most Productive Person on the Planet™... (it's just not necessary...)
  • And they don’t focus on making you a cookie cutter version of what others have done in order to "be successful".

... Instead, These Energy Upgrade Sessions Focus On Returning You To The State Where You Can Easily Access YOUR Innate Power to Create The Lifestyle & Business Of Your Dreams, And That's Why They're Different.

Like I said…

These Energy Upgrades are SUPER unique, and they have the power to make everything easier for you…

… and I know that’s true …

Because they made EVERYTHING easier and better for me.

I was finally able to break free from…

  • Doubting that things would ever really change for me (I felt like I'd be stuck working for other people forever - even if I was technically running my own "business" already as a freelancer)
  • Crying at the dinner table every few months when I just couldn't take the work I was doing anymore because it was draining my energy and my spirit, but not feeling safe or empowered enough to change my circumstances.
  • Thinking that creative success (like getting a book deal) would be the thing to "save me" from my life (or from having to figure out on my own how to build a sustainable business that worked with my very sensitive energy.)
  • ​Judging other writers and creatives for having well-connected friends or parents (while simultaneously feeling at a disadvantage because I didn't have those same connections.)
  • ​Burning myself out by taking on too much work (either for clients or creatively) and then either getting sick, especially with major headaches, right when I was ready to take some time off, or simply not being able to finish the creative work I started and feeling stuck in an annoying cycle of not FINISHING what I started!

... and I was finally able to get the FREEDOM to do work that I LOVE, that doesn't burn me out, while having enough money & time left over to work on my creative projects and writing on MY terms (I'm working on an album of music right now!) as well as quality time & travel with my partner & enjoy food, good wine and kayaking on the ocean with my neighbors and friends :)

It's really been a dream come true.

But, to be honest…

...I almost gave up at one point on the idea of ever having a fully healthy, happy & creatively fulfilled life & business.

But, because I decided to try something different that I'd heard about...

A new form of healing that - if it worked...

Would change my whole reality.

That all came true when I discovered Weekly Energy Upgrades - here's the story...

The Birth of My Healing Journey Began With My First Energy Healing Teacher, Which Opened My Eyes To A Whole New World...

I was 26 and living in Paris on a 10 week working honeymoon, (apartment swapping with a super cool artist for our place in Brooklyn!) 

Sounds like a dream, right?

BUT - I had no skill with the language...

I had no inspiration...(I had been working on a book of essays earlier that year, but got discouraged by a writing teacher who didn't "get" my concept and I couldn't bring myself to open the manuscript again)...

I had no extra money and felt way too scared to regularly spend 20 euros per yoga class alongside my extra travel expenses...which majorly affected my mental health. (I had been used to finding mental health through an affordable unlimited yoga pass in NYC).

... and I was still freelancing and making my money using primarily technical skills (I was a content producer and virtual assistant) that really drained my brainpower and my energy to be creative on my own projects.

I found that I couldn’t even enjoy my honeymoon in Paris (aka, the "location independent business" I had built, and the free time I had set aside to write my book) even though I really wanted to!

I had goals, dreams and aspirations...I expected more from myself and knew I was meant for more...but I just kept running into walls built by circumstance and mostly, my own blocks to letting things get better.

So, I had to seek out something different...

Something like healing, that was out of the ordinary... and that could possibly change things for me.

...and that's when I met my first teacher Laura, founder of a little heard of healing modality she called "UHPgrades" (The UHP stood for Universal Health Principles.)

My First Teacher Was The Birth of My Healing Journey, But I Did NOT Understand How Much She Would Change My Life

I'll be honest, I had no idea what she was doing in this 30 day program I joined with her called "Money Magic."

She'd show up on Facebook live in a private group and "tap into" our energy around money, leading these Energy Upgrades that took me from anxious, stressed and not feeling like relaxed, excited and trusting in a way I had never felt before - not just around money, but around my whole outlook on life. It was incredible. 

But there was one thing wrong with it...

It was too short!

There’s this myth out there that you can create the life of your dreams in 30 or 90 days.

And the faster you "expand" the better - 

… Well I quickly found out that's not perfectly true ...

I learned that if you want a sustainable, financially abundant business, a life you love AND a fulfilling creative practice, then "quick fixes" are almost never enough.

I know, because I've tried them...(and I'm not even talking about Laura's program here, but 90 day programs with big coaches that charged SO much money, like...put it on a credit card and pray money - lol!)

And while I would have some big "a ha" moments in these programs, I would always end up discouraged again once the 90 days was over (and I'm sure you can relate)...

  • Step 1 - I would have some kind of big breakthrough, seeing what was possible for me in terms of freedom, fulfillment and money in my business or by publishing a book if I just XYZ'd my way to success (using their formula, of course!)
  • Step 2 - I would get really excited and go all in on that vision for a few days or weeks, thinking that everything was about to change for me...
  • ​​Step 3 - I would lose confidence, hit a setback (like client work getting really busy) and lose the momentum I had started...
  • Step 4 - Sometimes, I would even lose myself in the teacher I was working with, putting them on a pedestal and thinking I needed to be different, better (or betray my own values) in order to succeed...
  • Step 5 - I would make a strategic plan that didn't really feel like "me."
  • ​Step 6 - And then I would abandon the process altogether when I realized I had gotten away from my truth, OR, simply lose the support when the 90 day container ended and feel like I hadn't completed enough in that time period to get my money's worth. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Step 7 - I would swear off coaching for awhile until a new offer caught my eye a few months later...
  • Step 8 - Then, start over and try again.

That was my life when I first started getting into personal development and coaching programs....and I was ready to quit.

Even though I was investing in these feminine and intuitive led programs, on some level I was always trying to "fast track" my way to success, without committing to myself and my journey over time.

I didn't understand that what would feel better to me was making a long-term commitment to myself to receive healing support on a weekly basis, so that I could radically transform my relationship to my business, my writing/creativity, and my life WITHOUT burning out, feeling rushed or losing myself in teachers and coaches that didn't really align with the vision I had for my life or how I wanted to do business and make my art. 

I Was Faced With A Choice - Either Give Up On Healing & Expanding My Way To My Dreams...Give Up *Entirely* On Being a Business Owner, Or Just Go Back To Listening to Male Thought Leaders in Marketing, Business & Writing That Told Me "Hustling" and "Working Harder Than Everyone Else" Was The Way To Success (No thanks!)

So after trying the "quick fix" thing with other coaches....and then with Laura in her 30 day program (who was the only "coach" I had worked with that truly seemed tapped into a magical form of healing that worked for me and wasn't telling me what to do all the time), it had been five weeks or so without any energy upgrade support and I was feeling frustrated again. 

How was I going to transition my online business from technical work that was draining me, to something truly creative, inspired, and that was helping people more directly? (And also - how was I going to ever write again when yet another project had failed before it even really got off the ground?!)

But what I didn't know yet was that Laura wasn't just about a "quick fix." That 30 day experience was just a taste of her work and there was more for me to learn. She introduced me to a program of hers that had ongoing, weekly group healing & energy upgrade sessions that was meant to be long-term support to make your dreams come true, in alignment with who you TRULY are, easefully and sustainably.

I had no idea how to explain how much the weird healing work she was doing had helped me over that 30 days. And I hadn't changed completely from it (yet) but...

I did get the feeling that her sessions were changing things inside of me at a DEEP level and that more of them would support me in living the creative, FREE life that I had always desired. 

So I gave it a shot. I committed for a YEAR, which turned into enrolling in her two year training program on how to perform this Energy Upgrade work myself, and I've been using it with clients and on myself ever since. (And did I mention that these weekly group sessions with her were a time for me to lie down and REST? I'd get comfy somewhere in my house - my office, bedroom, or outside - and then Laura would guide me & the group through the upgrade. When I was in her group, I got to receive and benefit rather than having to take the lead on everything myself.)

Looking back, that decision to try out Laura's Energy Upgrades was one of the best I've ever made in my life.

I doubted it at first.

Because I was already at such a rock bottom from my other experiences with coaches and quick fixes.

But thankfully, I didn't give up on it....

Because Over That Year, It Actually DID Transform My Thoughts, Moved My Stuck Emotions & Stored Trauma and Shifted My Limiting Beliefs Around Money & Creativity, Health & Success...And 
Changed My Life Forever.

How many online programs have you seen do that for people consistently?

This healing modality I use has moved me from anxious, burnt out, battling chronic pain & doubting myself... to actually being able to ENJOY my life, my business and my creative work. My clients don't burn me out anymore! I'm using my unique and powerful gifts to make a good income. I have space in my life to get out in nature (I joke all the time that I feel "retired" because work doesn't feel like work). And I approach my writing and creative projects from a much more grounded, soul aligned place, creating quality work that stands the test of time, makes me happy and isn't concerned with the rat race. (I would never let a writing teacher hold that kind of power over me again!)

And that has been going on now for 5 years. 

That's right...

I said it. Instead of working harder, or constantly meditating and journaling, I use weekly Energy Upgrades to fuel my personal, creative and business development work 

And yes, I get results by LYING DOWN and RESTING as I receive these sessions.

...But that's because I'd rather have a life, business and creative practice I love every single day, instead of a financially abundant but stressful business that doesn't give me enough time for my creative work, burns me out or requires me to perform some "luxury" lifestyle that I'm not even interested in. 

No thanks. I'm done with wasting my time with unaligned coaching programs that don't work.

And I bet you are too.

So here's the deal...

Here’s Exactly How Energy Upgrades Work
 In 3 Simple Steps To Get You Feeling Radiant, Spacious, Energized & Inspired in Your Business, Writing & Life.

  • Step 1 - Just like taking a shower does by washing away the build up of extra particles on your body, this form of energy healing identifies the build up in your emotions, thoughts & energy system, processing the fears, limiting beliefs and unhelpful stories hiding there, and transforms them into a clean slate of inspiration, freshness and CONFIDENCE. (Kind of like how you can't usually SEE build up of dirt on your skin, but you just know that you're going to feel better once you take a shower and wash the old stuff away!)
  • Step 2 - Once you feel cleaned off and refreshed emotionally, mentally and energetically from our sessions, you're ready to approach your business, writing projects and life from a place of possibility, inspiration and EASE rather than unconsciously fighting against feelings that something isn't right, you have to rush, or that you're wrong for your desires or the way you want to work. (Imagine trying to lead your business confidently or get through a writing session if you hadn't showered in weeks...or months. #notgonnahappen You do not want that same kind of build up happening with your beliefs, thoughts, stuck energy and emotions either!)
  • Step 3 - As you make moves in your business and life from an actual clean slate emotionally and energetically, you take action from inspiration rather than force, focusing on what is most important to you right now and ignoring all the noise. You get "downloads" or signs from the universe to support your next steps and you are finally ALIGNED with the flow of YOUR unique growth path in business, writing and life. You are truly an INNATE CREATOR, creating your reality and your results in alignment with your highest path of service, abundance, joy, fun and PLEASURE!

Those are the 3 steps to make the flowy, abundant, perfectly aligned to YOU life, business & creative practice you desire a reality.

And I can do all of this for you inside of INNATE CREATOR, the Weekly Energy Upgrade Club.

Making it a really easy way to feel consistently inspired, trusting and powerful, for the person that wants to build the life of their dreams without anxiety, burnout or unnecessary struggle.

Here's What You'll Discover Inside...

  • ​💸 2x/month Business, Money & Magic Energy Upgrades: Twice a month on Monday, we have an Energy Upgrade session focused around business & money. Why? Because this is what makes everything else flow! (If you don't have enough money, or if you can't make money in a way that doesn't drain your energy, it's going to be hard to create the life of your dreams!) 
  • ​💸 2x/month Creative Power Energy Upgrades: Every *other* week on Monday we do a Creative Power Energy Upgrade! Why? Because your creativity is SO important. Whether it's simply in how you write and show up to market your business, or you have a creative practice like writing, singing, songwriting, poetry, acting, etc. this will support your potency in creative projects.
  • ​💧 Remote Energy Clean Up 2x/week: Twice a week, I do a remote energy clean up on your creative projects, writing projects and business. This keeps your field clear of heavy interference from the energies of self-doubt, hesitation and fear, which helps you stay in harmony with yourself & amplifies your weekly energy upgrade results! 
  • ​💡 1:1 Energy Upgrade Requests 2x/month: Group sessions are amazing & FUN, but sometimes you need a little extra 1:1 support. In these 2x/month sessions, you can request what you'd like healing/energy upgrades around and I will tune into you personally and perform a mini-session for you!
  • ​​Bonus 1: Foundational Mastery: Space, Body, Relationships Working with energy is an amazing way to create a shift in your reality. In order to make this work the most effective, there are several points of foundational mastery to develop over time. Learn the most important pieces to implement that will amplify your results in this bonus video.
  • ​​Bonus 2: The Flow of Creation (5 Stages). Where are you in the creative process? These five stages in the flow of creation are so important for every business owner, writer or creative to understand!  When you know where you are in the process, you know what to focus on to make progress feel simple!
  • ​​Bonus 3: Healing & Energy Upgrades Playlist. Enhance our weekly sessions with a specially chosen playlist of high frequency music that helps you relax and enter the deepest state of transformation possible during our energy upgrades
  • And so much more...

      Start Your Membership Now & Receive...

      21 Days of Reduced Cost Access!

       Try us out for THREE WEEKS!


      It took me YEARS to even find Energy Upgrades...

      ...and another THREE YEARS to perfect doing it for other people.

      Which means...there’s nothing for you to “figure out”.

      You don't have to keep searching anymore.

      You just need to learn a little bit about weekly Energy Upgrades, and most important of all - start receiving them!

      That’s it…

      I don’t care how many times you’ve tried to build a business, life and writing practice you truly love and that supports your energy.

      I promise you this…

      Anyone can wake up the Innate Creator inside of them to make beautiful manifestations in business, finances, writing and life with the healing that goes on inside of The Innate Creator Weekly Energy Upgrade Club.

      And ultimately I want you to know one thing...

      You don't have to join us.

      You don’t have to do start receiving this form of healing at all... 

      You could instead build a healing program on your own, piecing together events and yoga classes from your local community and taking various healing or business workshops you find online...

      And maybe get some results.

      Now, I’m not saying that way is bad... Because I've been there... (oh, I've been there!)

      What I’m saying is that if your goal is to create the life, creative practice and business you desire WITHOUT having to run all over town, get lost in social media, or create a lot more work for yourself, then giving yourself more work to do might not be the best way to do it!

      So why not give Energy Upgrades a try?

      There's no obligation to stay after the 21 days so it's an amazing option to try something new without a lot of risk.

      Become a member of INNATE CREATOR, The Weekly Energy Upgrade Club today...

      So you can start receiving Energy Upgrades around Business, Money & Making MAGIC In Your Life and Writing Projects immediately, and without having to learn anything or work harder yourself

      You can take full advantage of everything inside.


      That means better Business Outcomes, From $$, to Ease to Creative Satisfaction & Fulfillment....

      Plus, more SPACIOUSNESS & Less Overwhelm When It Comes To Making Your Business, Writing & Life Work For YOU.

      It's your turn to have what you want.

      But, the choice is yours.

       Try us out at just $57 for 3 WEEKS!

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